About Sindbad Inc.

Sindbad Inc. has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted jewellery wholesalers in Canada offering a full range of jewellery manufacturing and distribution services to all of North America.


Since 1980, our relentless dedication to providing high-quality products paired with exceptional customer service has allowed us to foster lasting relationships with our customers and even exceed industry expectations.


Sindbad Inc. has showrooms in Montreal and Toronto open to jewellery businesses exclusively.


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Reliable & Efficient Distribution

Over the course of over three decades, Sindbad Inc. has continued to perfect its ability to efficiently supply jewellery products to retailers, the industrial sector and commercial business owners. Taking into account constant market changes and by foreseeing upcoming trends, Sindbad Inc. maintains its local inventory stocked in order to swiftly fulfill orders for its customers across North America.

Design & Manufacturing

Sindbad Inc.’s local design and manufacturing teams are constantly creating beautiful and unique jewellery pieces for its distribution to customers. In addition, Sindbad Inc. skillfully manufactures custom jewellery for its customers and delivers them with speed and accuracy.

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